DYL®: Limitless Planner (vertical hourly)

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The covers have a few dents on the side from the springs of another planner stacked on top of it. It does not affect the overall use of the planner and is in perfect condition.


How do you Design Your Life?

The DYL: Limitless Planner is a flexible organization tool specifically designed for those who want to be in control. Start whenever you want, however you want it. There are no limits to how you want to use this planner! Its simple, crisp, and clean design allows you to focus more on what matters most: YOU. Make your best plans yet, and let them Design Your Life!

  • Undated Weekly Planner (for 12 months)
  • 8.25" x 8.5" including binding
  • Scratch-proof hard cover with matte finish
  • 105 gsm inner pages
  • No-tear double-sided pocket
  • 230 pages
  • Monday start
  • Vertical hourly layout (1.5" width)

This is an UPDATED version! See below to see a complete list of what's included in the planner.

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  • NEW! Password Tracker
  • IMPROVED Goal-setting pages
  • IMPROVED Cash Flow pages
  • Vertical hourly layout
  • Super cute and unique stickers
  • 2018-2020 calendars
  • Monthly dashboard
  • Motivational quotes
  • Simple, crisp, clean layout
  • Monthly Views
  • Travel Planners + Checklist
  • Project Tracker
  • Expenses Tracker per month
  • A space for your "Last Times" (doctor's appointment, etc.) and "Monthlies" (your recurring monthly to-do list)
  • Contacts pages
  • Checklists
  • Notes pages
  • ...and more!



No part of this planner may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, without getting prior written permission from C&S Designs.

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