Talent overload!

We've collaborated with these uber talented artists from all over the world to bring you our very first sticker book! They all have different design styles and they're just straight up incredible. Make sure to check out their works!



I'm sure you're with us when we say we simply love Cassy's drawing style! And not to mention she mostly draws girls, which she turns into stickers so don't forget to grab some! She's also drawn for a famous magazine so there's that. Girl power!



Give this lady a bullet journal and she'll transform it into a work of art. Her spreads are amazing, but her artistic style is even more amazing-er! Oh and don't forget to check out her IG feed too, it'll make you envious!



Amazing isn't even enough to describe Ella's illustrations and lettering skills. Her works have appeared in several local publications plus they were on murals too. If that doesn't impress you, maybe you should see for yourself.



Blessed with talent both with pen and paintbrush, Yoyo's creations just gives us those warm vibes. Every little detail that goes into her artworks is full of love and passion, and that's what we love about her.


united kingdom

Oana loves drawing kpop and we're sooo in love! Fans from around the globe (im)patiently wait for new ones to come out, plus they praise her too (and so do we). Need proof? Go check her tumblr. Kawaii!



Jolleen is a fashion designer who also illustrates, so you'll find her work inspired by a mix of high fashion to preppy to casual. They're definitely your girl-next-door types and we love them!



Also known as Little Miss Paintbrush, Chichi specializes in whimsical drawings and paintings. She makes them into stickers, thank God, and participates in a lot of events where she sells them. We may or may not have hoarded a lot of her stickers.



If you're looking for doodling inspiration, Nicole's your girl. She turns her bullet journal into functional works of art-- and they're super unique too! If you look through her IG it'll make you want to bujo too, so enter with caution!



Camille owns her own sticker shop so it's very fitting for her to be making stickers for the sticker book! She's famous for her dainty floral designs that we could just admire for hours. If you don't have her stuff yet, you're missing out.



Clare turns her drawings and watercolors into stickers kits. She has a mix of styles but they all have one thing in common: they're all beautiful. When she's not designing, she's coding websites too. How amazing is that?



If you're in search for all things girls with tons of variations, Cath is your go-to. Cute won't even be enough to describe what she does. Her girls look like dolls and they will definitely brighten up your spreads!

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