Refer A Friend

When a friend purchases from C&S Designs, you both get P50 in shop credits!
Please note that referring yourself using another email to get the credit will void both credits.

For existing users
Why should I refer a friend?

So you can earn ₱50 in store credit for every friend who signs up and purchases from C&S Designs. You can stack your vouchers towards any item and even get them for free! Yay!

How do I refer a friend?

You must already have an existing account and a verified order (meaning you have already paid for it) to be able to refer someone. Login your account > My Account > Referral Program. Just fill in the name/s and address/es of your friend/s to send an invite.

How do I know if the friend I referred signed up?

You will see all the friends you invited and who signed up in your account under 'Referral Program'.

When can I get my ₱50?

If your referred friend makes their first purchase (granted that they used your referral email to sign up), you will receive your ₱50 voucher in your email.

Where can I see all the vouchers I earned from referring?

Go to your account > Vouchers.


Vouchers are valid for 1 year.

For new users
How do I sign up with a referral?

When you create an account, don't forget to provide the email address of the one who referred you. Make sure that's the same email address he/she used to create their account here. Otherwise you both won't get credited!

When can I get my ₱50 voucher?

Once you sign up with a referral email, you instantly get your voucher. You can access it through 'Vouchers' in your account. Awesome, right?

How do I use my voucher?

Go to your account > Vouchers, get the code, and use it upon checkout.

What's next?

After you place a verified order, you can now refer YOUR friends! And earn enough to buy cool stuff ;)


Vouchers are valid for 1 year.

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