If you love spoiling your planner/s, then Eraizza could be your partner in crime! We love how she creates effortlessly beautiful dashboards, and how her feed will make you think "pretty spreads everywhere!" They're all such a refreshing sight to look at!

What made me go into planning

There is a sense of peace when I know that I made a list of what I need to do for tomorrow. At the same time, I find it relaxing decorating my weekly pages. Imagine, seeing those pretty decorations you made everyday. Well that keeps me motivated.

Planning style

I don't really have specifics when it comes to style, I just see to it that the colors complement each other. I try to keep it bright to keep me motivated in writing long lists. Also, I see to it that I allot an ample amount of space for endless errands & daily shenanigans.

Where I find inspiration for decorating my spreads

I always stalk Instagram posts from different planner girls. Every planner girl has always a unique idea. To name a few, they are: @my.happyplace_too, @thecraftroomproject and @posh.pieces

Tips for those wanting to get into planning

Do not be afraid to create your own. You can start on a simple way of decorating then do it everyday until you get used to it.

Our Favorites

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