If you think you have a lot of planners, think again! Flori juggles about 9 planners at a time, and still manages to keep track! Talk about the ultimate planner. We love how on-point her themed spreads are and how cute they all look! Definitely eye-catching.

What made me go into planning

I have always been a DIY crafter even before I started to do creative planning. I always do my daughter's birthday invitations and other party stuff. And I am more often than not part of the design committee when there are activities in the office. I just started the journey of creative planning January of 2016 when my daughter started grade 1. I love to write but I have not really used a planner before. The need arises because our schedules need to be in sync.

Planning style

I am mostly a creative planner. I love the splash of colors on my white spread. It adds life to the page and in turn make it more fun for me when I look at it. I love stickers, washi tape and all the colorful things that comes with this hobby. I just hope my pocket agrees. Lol.

Where I find inspiration for decorating my spreads

Oh I have a lot of inspirations. I love how all the people in this community is inspired by somebody and then eventually she will be an inspiration to others.

Tips for those wanting to get into planning

I remember when I first started planning-- I do not know what to do. When I browse my past pictures, I remembered using post it and sticky notes. And as time goes by I realized what I want to do when it comes to planning. So my advice is for you to have fun and don't be stressed that yours is not as pretty as somebody else's spread. Believe me, it took them a while to get there. So just embrace the moment you have and let go. It will fall into place eventually and you will discover what you really want.

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