If planning should be anything, it's FUN. Cathy perfectly balances fun and functional and creates playful spreads. We love how she uses different kinds of stickers each week, it's like she never runs out of ideas! You'll never get bored seeing her works!

What made me go into planning

I have been planning since I was in highschool but I started creative planning two years ago. Creative Planning encourages me to work in a better mood and seeing colorful spreads packed with sweet stickers, bright washi and beautiful lettering motivates me to accomplish my goals. It became an outlet for me to release frustrations, de-stress, and rid off tension and anxiety.

Planning style

I'm a playful, task oriented planner. For me primarily my planner pages need to be functional but I also love to decorate it with lovely washi tapes, adorable clips and ap-peal-ing STICKERS! I do love using weekly sticker kits. Seeing my planner well decorated motivates me to accomplish my goals and encourages me to work in a better mood. Trust me, weekly chores are sooo much easier when they’re written in an adorably organized planner.

Where I find inspiration for decorating my spreads

From my fellow planner enthusiasts too, they surprise me everyday with their creativity.

Tips for those wanting to get into planning

Do Experiment. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Have Fun!

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